SourceCode Editor & Integrated Development Environment

GoinEdit is an easy to use, powerful IDE to write compile & execute your softwares...
It allow users to use every programming languages, in fact, it use a script to compile execute and debug your software for every language!
No more windows developin' your code and testin', GoinEdit is All-In-One.

With GoinEdit you can write, compile and FLASH your firmware for MICROCHIP PIC (c) with PicKit!
In fact, it compile with Sdcc (or other compiler if you want) and communicatin' with pk2cmd (microchip software to use pickit) it permit to flash just pressing RUN button ;)

TO DO - The Future:
GoinEdit wil show you in the future a lot of innovative function...
We are developin' huge functions to automatize boring developing techniques and other kind of new things...

So, we hope you like this software and help us with ideas, bug reports etc... for now sourcecode is not available on the website but it will be online...

Thx to use it!

Goin Staff... =)

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GoInEdit is free project that was started and continue to evolve to help programmers to develop easly and nicely.

We didn't take any monetary advantages developing it, but we are proud of it and we want to continue to develop and improve it.
So, if you like our product, if you think it's useful and you want to help us, make a donation to our project.

Why should I donate money to GoInEdit? How will my donation be used?

Developing program takes a lot of time and costs, so you can help us reporting bugs, talking about our program or giving us a donation.

So thanks to use GoInEdit and see ya!

Stay updated! Repository doesn't exists anymore.

Download It - New version 1.4:
- GoinEdit 1.4 i386 DEB NEW!
- GoinEdit 1.4 i386 RPM NEW!
- GoinEdit 1.4 amd64 DEB NEW!
- GoinEdit 1.4 amd64 RPM NEW!

Old version:
- GoinEdit 1.2 i386 DEB
- GoinEdit 1.2 i386 RPM

- GoinEdit 1.2 amd64 DEB
- GoinEdit 1.2 amd64 RPM
- GoinEdit 1.0 i386 DEB


Python on GoInEdit! (NEW: configuration script too!): Default script on 1.2 version

if [ $1 = "c" ]; then
	#you must insert here your compiler
	#followed by options and files
	#example: gcc filename.c, the file name
	# is on $2 variable (gcc $2)
	echo "Compiling $2..."
	#compiler & options
	echo "DONE!"
elif [ $1 = "d" ]; then
	#this section is to execute a debugger
	echo "DEBUG:"
	#insert here the code to start a debug
	#for example with gdb es: gdb a.out
	echo "DONE!"
	#you must put here the code to execute
	#your file generated by compiling function
	#there is a default code to execute gcc
	#bin compiled file
	python $2