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Drinks Toolkit 1.0
Web-Based widgets to easily develop control panels and dashboards.
HTML5 Powered
HTML 5 Powered

Imagination, meet implementation. HTML5 is the cornerstone of the W3C's open web platform; a framework designed to support innovation and foster the full potential the web has to offer.

AJAX Powered
AJAX Powered

All widgets uses AJAX technology to allow communications from Client to Server, retrieve all data in real-time.

All kind of Widgets
All kind of Widgets

A beautiful set of widgets to display any kind of data.

Extremely easy to implement
Extremely easy to implement

Add every widgets on the page using an HTML TAG (e.g. <knob>).

Absolutely cross-platform
Absolutely cross-platform

Load your platform from every part of the world on any device.

BarMan IDE
BarMan IDE

Design fast, create a dashboard in a click.


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Drinks Toolkit Open Pack

Set of Libraries to create widgets using HTML TAG.

Drinks Toolkit Business Pack

This pack is for professionals, includes, Open Pack, OnlineSupport and BarMan IDE Account.

Drinks Toolkit Custom Pack

Choose what you need.

Drinks Toolkit Open pack

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Pay what you want(free too)

This pack contain Drinks Toolkit 1.0 libraries and The First official Reference Manual

if you decide to help us with a little amount of Dollars, we will be happy to be able to continue DRINKS Toolkit development.

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Drinks Toolkit Business pack
The professional pack for professionists
This pack includes:
1. Drinks Toolkit Open pack libraries 1.0
2. Online Support for 1 year.
3. BarMan IDE Account for 1 Month.

Enter your email address to receive download link and account information:

Business Pack price: $50

Low cost pack (until 1 July 2013)
BarMan IDE Account 1 week 19$
This pack is a low cost pack to try this product for a short period of time without paying too much.
This pack includes:
1. BarMan IDE Account to use our online Dashboard Development IDE for 1 week.

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Low cost BarMan Pack price: $19

Drinks Toolkit Custom pack
Compose your custom pack choosing what you need

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BarMan IDE Account for 1 year, price: $75

Online Support for 1 month, price: $20

Advanced personalized widget, price: Please contact us to get your quote.

Complete dashboard designed from Drinks Toolkit developers for your application, price: Please contact us to get your quote.

Drinks Toolkit Reference Manual Download

(Old Version not current) BarMan IDE Quick Start Guide Download